Wild Monkey Sex and What Women Want

You’ve got to admit, that’s a great title eh?

Look Mate, we’re the people you come to when you need something to help you get it up and keep it up…but as much as we’d like to be every man’s wing-man – truth is we are limited geographically at least until they finally perfect that Star-Trekian matter transportation thingy.

So getting yourself in the position where you can get a women to get herself into a position that acommondates…well, you are mostly on your own.

So what do women want?

That’s a question men have been asking themself for eons…probably first asked by some male amoeba after saying something stupid like…is heaven missing an angel? to some amoeba babe at the local watering hole…quite literally a water hole.

And the biggest problem with that question is that women don’t seem to know either. We know we’re going to get hate mail (hate male?) about this so let us explain. A while back a psychology professor at the University of Toronto – a woman by the way – hooked up a bunch of men and women of various sexual orientations to a machine that graphed their responses to various sexual images – straight, homosexual, lesbian, monkeys, etc. They also used a notepad to jot down how they were feeling at the same time.

The straight men found everything except the homosexual images of great interest and admitted as such. The homosexual males were primarily stimulated by the homosexual images, less so by anything involving men and women or women pleasuring themselves alone. They also admitted to such. In both cases what the men reported feeling and what the graph showed them feeling matched up closely.

Not so with women, whether straight or lesbian, the women showed strong interest in all sexual acts, including those involving monkeys. At least this is what was recorded by the machines they were hitched up to. However in terms of what they reported, the straight women claimed strong interest in heterosexual coupling, far less interest in lesbian action and none at all in monkeys. The lesbians expressed strong interest in lesbian action, far less in heterosexual action and none in monkey action. Read that again – in all cases the machines showed the women were HIGHLY AROUSED by ALL sexual acts – no matter who was doing what to whom – including monkeys. Yet they would admit only to feeling strong stimulation when watching those acts associated with their sexual orientation.

So there was shown to be a considerable disconnect between the female mind and female genitalia.

The root of the problem more recent research has found may indeed be in the female mind – the place where desire resides. Men, as we all know, spend pretty much the majority of our waking hours thinking of sex – or at least that is what we are mainly thinking of whenever anything vaguely resembling a female enters our line of vision.

Women on the other hand, seem to have a natural lack of desire! (oh the hate male we’ll be getting!) and according to one researcher (another women by the way) “women’s desire is not relational, it’s narcissistic” – so what does that mean?

In a nutshell – women do not want to hear about you and how great your job is or how much money you have or what kind of car you drive – if they do they will ask and you can impress them then – what they do want is you to be interested in them and in what they say and in what they want and in how they want it. Simply – it is not about you you you…it is about her, her her. Your complete interest in every detail of her existence is the fuel required to fan that miniscule spark of desire her brain contains. As we all know the more you fan a spark, the stronger it grows until you’ve got a real fire on your hands. Of course too much fanning will cause the spark, at least early on, to go out completely – so you’ve got to find a bit of common ground between adoration and obvious bullshit.

Basically, stop thinking about getting into her pants and with any luck at all, you’ll end up getting into her pants.

And at that point, good mates we are, we can help!

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