Where’s The Most Public Place You Ever Had Sex?

Ever play Truth or Dare? Me neither. But I do imagine that a question like the one that titles this post would be a real showstopper. Just where is the most public place you’ve ever had sex?

I’ll go first okay?

It was in the median on the Robert Moses Parkway in Niagara Falls, New York. The Robert Moses Parkway is this four lane (two heading toward the city two heading out) that at one time was suppose (or so the story goes) to allow you to drive from downtown Niagara Falls straight through to the interstate. It got as far as Williams’ Road which is a pretty much the boundary between the last bit of city and the start of the more rural and suburban areas that lie between Niagara Falls and Buffalo.

The median was about 10 feet across and contains about waist high grass. There’s not a lot of traffic but of course that night there was more than usual. Nobody stopped but a few horns honked. I believe I was rather intoxicated as was my partner. Although there was a security fence we frequently cut the fence so we could get to the houses on the other side rather than walk “all” the way around (which would have added about – oh, 5 minutes to our trip). The girl I was with lived in one of those houses on the other side. Actually, now that I think about it, if one of her family members had decided to look out one of the second floor back windows they would have seen us clear as day. It of course not day but night, but there were lights on the parkway and my white ass was probably glowing like a full moon.

Okay – your turn!

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