The Importance of Sex to Health and What the Heck is a Kiang?

Is Sex Important?

Ah, is the Pope Catholic? Do Bears crap in the forest?

Of course sex is important. If it were not for sex you and I would not be here – unless we were some sort of protoplasmic microorganism capable of reproducing itself. protozoa masturbate? Sorry – got off track there.

As we all know and as much as the fundamentalists might disagree, sex is not just for reproduction. Sex is also for pleasure. Sex acts are pleasurable to say the least and help build greater intimacy between couples and friends (with benefits). But numerous studies have found that a robust and satisfying sex life has many healthy benefits. One recent study looking at the ways sex impacted other aspects of life found that having good sex frequently reduced the risk of heart disease and strokes by nearly 50%, improved overall physical fitness (sex is exercise afterall), helped to reduce depression, improved prostate health in men and bladder function in women, and even helped to improve dental health.

Where’d you get that whiter than white smile you dog you!

Unfortunately, sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can (obviously) not only diminish sexual pleasure but also impact overall sex drive. Let’s face, if you know (or think you know) that you probably are not going to be able to get it up – after a while you don’t even want to try. And if you can get it up but know that you are coming to ejaculate on the first stroke, well, that might give you pause as well. Not good for you and (again obviously) not good for your partner!

As mentioned in a previous blog, one “remedy” for problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are prescription drugs such as Viagra and similar medications. Unfortunately like all medications, Viagra and similar prescription drugs can have some serious side effects such as diarrhea, dizziness, flushing, headache, heartburn, stuffy nose, and upset stomach.

Think about it – your partner is ready and rearing to go. You take your Viagra like a good lad and then…hold on….your head starts hurting (oh, now you have a headache eh?), your bowels start rumbling and…well you get the picture. What ever was going to happen – doesn’t happen. Good sex, good health…down the toilet figuratively as well as literally!

That’s where 100% all natural sex pills come in. All of the sex pills we sell at Great Sex Pills are made from pure Chinese herbs along with (in some cases) animal extracts. We’ve discussed the Chinese sex herbs a while back. This time around let’s take a look at some of the animal ingredients that can be found in some great sex pills.

Keep in mind that like the herbal ingredients, these animal extracts have been used in Asian sex medicine for literally thousands of years and have been time tested again and again. (We have talked about the use of Mountain Black Ants in our Black Ant Sex Pills previously).

For example, BOSS Male Enhancement Sex Pills include deer penis, deer sinew, deer antler, and tortoise plastron (that’s the abdominal surface of the shell). Now before you get all “oh, yuck” on me keep in mind that chances are you’ve never turned your nose up at a good steak and that’s about as animal extract as you get! Plus, as said before, these ingredients have been tested for thousands of years and proven to be safe and effective.

And unlike prescription drugs like Viagra, these great sex pills have no side effects!

Deer Antler extract is regarded as one of nature’s safest nutritional supplements. Standalone deer antler extract has been shown to provide faster recovery from physical exertion and injury as well as enhance sexual functioning for both men and women. This study was conducted by a registered pharmacist who certified deer antler to be very beneficial for humans no adverse side effects.

The primary purpose of tortoise plastron or gui ban is to nourish the yin and subdue the yang, as well as tonify the kidneys and strengthen bones. Gui Ban has been shown to increase the production of male sex hormone testosterone in lab studies and is used in Chinese sex medicine to increase sexual desire and allow the user to sustain a firm erection.

Our best selling Tibet Babao sex pills include kidney of kiang. Equus kiang is the largest wild ass species in the world and is found throughout China, Nepal, and India. Traditionally these animals are hunted for their meat and for their skins which are used to make leather. Their kidneys are used as a powerful sex medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation. Again, we are talking about a substance used for thousands of years by millions of people without any reported adverse effects!

I see I’ve gone on a bit long again – I do warm to my work! But in a nutshell – anyone experiencing sexual dysfunction or anyone seeking to improve what they may consider an already great sex life can benefit from taking all natural herbal sexual enhancers. Not only will your sex life hit new highs, but your overall health can also improve dramatically. In closing….

sex relieves stress
sex boosts immunity
sex burns calories
sex improves cardiovasular health
sex boots self-esteem (feel better – look better!)
sex improves intimacy
sex reduces pain
sex reduces prostate cancer risk
sex strengthens pelvic floor muscles
and sex helps you sleep better!

Great Sex Pills = Healthy and Robust Sex = A Healthier You!

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