The G Spot! What It Is, Where It Is, and What To Do With It Now That You Have Found It!

The other day I was reading over the product description for one of our female products – The Female G Pill! This wonderful product has been called “female Viagra” and many of our female customers have told us that they swear by it!

One of the wonders the Female G Pill provides is tightening of the vagina, making the G-Spot More Prominent. That’s sounds good to me.

Wait a minute…what’s a G Spot?

If you have ever wondered what a G-Spot is and where you can find it and once you find it what you can do with it…then you have come to the right place.

For many women – if not most women – the G Spot is the Holy Grail of female anatomy.

The G-Spot is approximately one to three inches in size and can be found between one to two inches inside the vagina on the front wall. This is the area of the vaginal wall that corresponds with the spongy tissue surrounding the urethra. This area is easily identified by touch as it feels wrinkled and rippled in contrast to the smooth surrounding areas. This area swells when a woman is aroused which makes it even easier to find.

Now that you have found the G-Spot, here’s what to do with it.

Insert a finger (or suitable pleasure producing toy) into the vagina curving upward toward the belly and stroke with a sort of “come hither” motion. You will know you are in the right place by the sensation this produces. Some have likened it to having to take a pee but don’t worry, that isn’t going to happen. Experiment with a variety of strokes, speeds and pressures to find what works best. Every one has their own preferences and finding yours is just part of the fun!

Keep in mind that unfortunately, there are some women who do not have a G-Spot. As disappointing as this may be, its still fun just to look.

For the majority who do, many highly recommend using a rhythmic pressure. Stimulating the clitoris while also stroking the G Spot can be particularly rewarding. Doing this yourself or with a sex toy is one way, utilizing the services of an attentive partner is an even better way.

It is also said that stimulation of the G Spot is a very good way to bring on female ejaculation. This is caused by the urethral sponge pushing fluid out of the urethra. For those women who have never experienced this before, stimulation of the G Spot may cause it to happen for the first time. Nothing to worry about. Perfectly natural.

Now that you know about the G Spot and where to find it and what to do with it once you do, why are you still reading this? Get to it!

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