Slippery When Wet: Female Erogenous Zones

Guys, for those of you who have not yet gotten the word, when it comes to female sexuality its not all about the clitoris. Which is not to say that playful little button isn’t well worth spending a bit of time on, but there is more to female sexuality and getting your girl to come then just the clitoris.

Note to those of you who treat that tender bud like you were trying to drive a nail using your thumb – lighten up. Literally. Slow and gentle does the trick mates. You’re not trying to rub out some damn spot. Gentle. Slowly. She’ll get there before your wrist gets tired. And if your wrist does get tired – switch hands! And remember, tongue action goes a long way as well. Its much appreciated and usually results in you getting some in return. And you know you want that right?

But let’s move on. Let’s separate the men who know how to please a lady from those who only think they do.

To paraphrase that old wanker Shakespeare: “There are more erogenous zones Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your sex guide“.

For example, the ears. That’s right, ears are an erogenous zone. Ears are full of nerve endings and a bit of gently nibbling can get the old gal’s juices flowing quite nicely thank you very much. Nearby is the back of the neck, another one that some ladies appreciate having nibbled, tickled, and kissed. Some women love the feel of a tongue or fingers rolling over her spine. If you care to go a bit lower that’s between consulting adults and we’ll say no more about it. I’m not up for the old salad toss but I don’t judge either!

Other areas you may not have considered are the inner thighs which are highly sensitive as is the area behind the knees. Now getting to the behind the knees area may require a bit of manuevering you are not accostumed to, but give it a go as you may end up in some interesting positions.

I never knew a women who would turn down a good foot rub and a good foot rub often leads to other things being rubbed. Or give the wrists a nibble and see where that takes
you. Nipples are obvious.

But getting closer to the heart of the subject to mix our bodily metaphors, there’s the oft-talked of G-spot. This lovely sensitive area can be found on the upper side of her vagina. To find it, gently stroke a well-lubricated finger into her vagina and stroke the upper side. You’ll know you’ve hit the right spot two ways – one is that the G-Spot has a rougher, in some cases rippled, texture in comparison to the softer, smoother surrounding tissue. The other is the sound she starts to make when you start to stroke that area.

Now there is another area that is a bit further in and is called by some the “deep spot” or the “A-spot”. This is also found on the upper side of the vagina but deeper inside. The easiest way to find it is to first find the G-Spot then go deeper. Unlike the G-Spot the “deep spot” does not feel significantly different from the surrounding tissue so you’ll need to poke around a bit and gauge your success by her reaction. Since you planned on poking about anyway there’s should not be a problem for either of you. And either if you don’t find the deep spot (and she may not have one either – it is possible) you’ll both have a grand time looking.

And let’s not forget lips – lips are possibly a woman’s number one erogenous zone. Learning to kiss well, learning to play mouth games well is a sign to most women that you may be up
to playing other games equally as well.

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