Sex and Blindfolds

A couple posts back I asked what is the most public place you have ever had sex in. As of this writing I have not gotten any responses but that’s okay. I understand. You’re shy. What prompted this posting was an article I was reading that listed what they called the 10 best places to have wild sex and really let go.

There were of course the usual suspects – like having sex on a public beach, in a Jacuzzi, in a porn booth…you get the picture. Few of the places chosen struck me as being very original. Or very daring. I mean, c’mon, how many have already “been there, done that” as the saying goes? Too many to make any of the suggestions peak my interest.

Except one.

Now I’m not sure what this says about me, but the one suggestion that got me thinking was about having sex while blindfolded in a room full of people. They can see but you can’t see them. I like the idea. I like the visuals it conjures. I highly doubt I would ever do it – mostly because as happy as I am with my body, I’m not that happy with it and don’t care to inflict me naked on the retinas of close friends…I’m sure an image they would never forget (and I don’t necessarily say that is a good thing). Now if I had a finely sculpted bod, that might be another story.

Before I donned the blindfold however, in order to make sure my performance was at its optimum, I would definitely take a great sex pill. Not sure which one – I’m thinking maybe USA Blue Shark or possibly African Black Ant – sexual enhancers that are going to give me a long lasting rampaging hard-on that really will give the audience something to talk about for years to come!

Hmmm…I may just go for it after all.

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