More Fun with Furunbao

Another title I considered using for this article was Furunbao – Puts the Fun in Sex. And that’s what sex is all about right? Fun. Oh sure there’s the whole love thing going on there too but you don’t need love to have sex – right? And there’s that reproduction thing but that’s why someone invented condoms who knows how many centuries ago and why modern science gave us the pill and contraceptive foams and such.

But for the sake of argument –and for the sake of this article – let’s stick with sex is all about fun because Sex Is Fun!

Or at least it’s suppose to be.

Unfortunately – there’s a goodly (hmm, not sure “goodly” is the right word) number of men who suffer from the inability to get it up. Or if they can get it up they can’t keep it up. They either go soft part-way through or they ejaculate waaaay too quickly for anyone to be satisfied.

That’s another big part of this sex thing – to satisfy your partner – ’cause if you ain’t giving what your partner is needing, then she might stop giving what you want – and maybe start getting it somewhere else!

The world famous Mayo Clinic did a study a while back that found that erectile dysfunction is common, and its prevalence increases with age. In fact, erectile dysfunction affects between 5 to 10 percent of men by the time they reach the age of 40! By age 70, between 40 to 60 percent of men have the condition.

In the United States alone between 20-30 million men are affected.

The numbers for those males suffering from premature ejaculation are even higher!

One of the biggest problems with premature ejaculation is that when a man does experience it, the next time they are having sex the anxiety that it may happen again can actually cause it to happen again! And the more it does happen, the more it will happen!

Basically you get yourself in a psychological rut that for most proves to be extremely difficult to get out of.

If not impossible!

That’s where Furunbao Male Sexual Enhancer comes in (no pun intended!).

What Is Furunbao?

Furunbao is the #1 Recommended Natural Male Enhancement Product in Asia and Europe.

Manufactured in China, Furunbao is made with 100% All Natural Ingredients. There is absolutely nothing artificial in Furunbao.

Furunbao contains ten different Chinese natural medicine herbs and plants including Ox Kidney, Chinese Yam, Chinese Wolfberry and Alpinia Oxyphoilla – a plant in the Ginger family called Yi Zhi Ren in Chinese that has been used for centuries by the Chinese to treat numerous ailments including sexual dysfunctions.

Together, these male enhancement ingredients are formulated in a capsule to immediately put an end to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and lack of stamina.

To put it a bit more bluntly but a whole lot more clearly, one Furunbao capsule will get you rock hard, prevent you from coming before your partner is completely satisfied (she may in fact beg you to stop) and allows you to perform until she does beg you to stop!

Furunbao can also increase penis length and width. Many users report that Furunbao increases sensation as well, promoting a more intense sexual experience. Despite the heightened sensation they were still able to perform for extended periods of time. When they did climax they report it as being the most powerful ejaculation they had ever experienced!

Another big plus is that Furunbao can increase your energy levels and some men take it just for that reason.

Other Benefits of Furunbao

The abilities of Furunbao are not just anecdotal, modern medical studies contacted in various labs around the world have shown that unlike synthetic prescription medications used to stimulate the vascular function in men with erectile dysfunction, Furunbao actually helps to permanently restore these functions essential to getting and maintaining an erection.

Studies have shown that while synthetic prescription medication only helps temporarily and for a few hours at best, the all natural ingredients found in Furunbao can generate effects that can last as long as 72 hours. Other studies suggest that even if you stop using Furunbao after using it regularly for a few weeks, the results may be permanent!

In other words, the use of Furunbao for an extended period of time may permanently restore the natural vascular functions involved in an erection even if the use of Furunbao is discontinued.

Furunbao is available without prescription and has no known side effects.

Indeed, Furunbao’s all natural ingredients can also improve your immune system and is used in Chinese medicine to treat older men and women who are experiencing poor health.

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