Link Between Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes

We all are aware that the inability to have satisfactory erections is known as erectile dysfunction. It has been one of the most prevalent problems among men all over the globe. Erectile dysfunction is caused due to varied physiological and psychological problems in one. Physical problems account for the problem in 80% of those suffering from erectile dysfunction. Among all the physical problems responsible for erectile dysfunction, Diabetes is considered to be the most threatening one. According to research from Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) and others, it has been noticed that 50% of men suffering from Diabetes are also prone to erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is caused when there is insufficient blood flow to the sexual organ due to some problem in the body system. The increase in the glucose level can cause impediments in the arteries and the blood vessels. Diabetes is a chronic condition and can only be alleviated with time. By affecting around 23.6 million men in USA alone, Diabetes has been spreading like an epidemic worldwide.

This is why there is a need to maintain a healthy blood flow in the body. Excessive sugar content in the blood can lead to problems that can deprive sugariness from your life. Hence one must take adequate care when one is Diabetic. It can surely be a sign of you suffering from erectile dysfunction or vice- versa. One can indulge in physical activities (Age & Reducing Mojo) like exercises and yoga to shun from these health problems.

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