How Do Chinese Sex Medicines Work?

All the sexual enhancement products we sell at Great Sex Pills are made from 100% all natural herbs used by the Chinese (and other Asians) for centuries to treat various sexual dysfunctions and to promote vigorous sexual health. But one may ask just how do these products work? What is it about the herbal substances included in each great sex pill that makes them work wonders in terms of preventing various sexual dysfunctions as well as improving overall sexual performance?

It’s important to first understand how Chinese sex medicine works. The Chinese herbal approach to proper sexual functioning centers on optimizing the overall balance of the body. What this means is that everything within the body needs to be in balance including essence, yin/yang, qi/energy and blood flow, all of which can directly affect sexual performance. Yin-Yang theory is the fundamental theory of Chinese Traditional Medicine. Yin represents the material part of the body while Yang represents the energy and function of the body. It is only when the body is properly harmonized and sexual energy enhanced that true sexual heights can be reached.

Conversely, to be out of balance can result in lack of sexual energy, poor libido, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. An even bigger problem is that many times when one experiences these problems the psychological affect can make things even worse. If one experiences some form of sexual dysfunction once, that plays upon the mind creating anxiety and fear that it will happen again – and that heightened anxiety and fear results in the original problems being exacerbated. In other words – if it happens once your fear of it happening again can result in it actually happening again! A cycle is created and breaking out of that cycle is difficult and nearly impossible without help.

Help can come in the form of prescription medicines that contain synthetic compounds the names of which even physicians have a hard time pronouncing that come with a shopping list of potential side effects – or in the form of 100% all natural herbal sex medicines also known as erotogenic herbs used for thousands of years and shown to have no known side effects whatsoever!

Let’s take a look at some of the safe and effective herbs that can be found in many of our great sex pills.

Eurycoma longifolia is a flowering plant native to Indonesia and Malaysia and is one of the main ingredients in our Stree Overlord male enhancement pills. The plant has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac but has also been shown to be useful as an affective agent to treat malaria, diabetic conditions, and to reduce fever. In addition it is used as an antimicrobial. However, most Southeast Asians use the plant for its impact on sexual conduct. And if you think this use is based only on folklore or other anecdotal information, modern clinical medical studies have shown that Eurycoma longifolia can increase male virility and sexual prowess during sexual activities. One report went so far as to call Eurycoma longifolia “Malaysia’s home-grown Viagra” and stated that ingestion of a herbal extract made from this flower resulted in “increased sexual desire, enhanced performance and general well-being”.

Two highly affective sexual herbs are the well known Ginseng and Chinese Wolfberry both of which can be found in our Furunbao and USA Blue Shark male enhancement sex pills (as well as many of the others we sell). Ginseng is a well known medicinal plant used extensively in Asia and is known as the Chinese mandrake. Ginseng is a harmonizing medicine shown to have a stimulating (“harmonizing”) effect on the body and mind in addition to its well-known aphrodisiac properties. The Chinese Wolfberry is a tiny red berry that has been used for 3000 years throughout Asia as a potent anti-aging herb. It also increases the sex drive, improves sexual stamina and is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Combined with various other sex herbs, these two ingredients make Furunbao and USA Blue Shark very powerful sexual enhancers. In fact, I have to mention here that one study found Furunbao 4 times stronger than Viagra – and far more safer.

Another sexual herb with the slightly offensive name of broomrape (maybe more than slightly now that I think about it) is a key ingredient in our Boss sex pills. Shown in laboratory research to increase energy and stamina broomrape has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years to treat impotency and infertility. Interestingly enough, the herb is shaped like an erect penis.

These are just a few examples of the completely natural herbal ingredients you will find in all the male enhancement products we sell at Great Sex Pills. All of these sexual herbs work to balance the body and to correct the imbalances that can result in sexual dysfunctions. They also help energize the body thus increasing sexual desire and stamina. This in turn removes the anxiety and fear that can cause further sexual problems. In a nutshell, these erotogenic supplements balance the body, prevent sexual dysfunction, increase sexual performance and energy and help put your mind at ease.

Next time we’ll take a look at some of the animal derived ingredients you might also find. We believe the more you know about the great sex pills we sell, the more informed choices you can make.

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