Coffee and Sex…Would You Like a Hard-on With that Cuppa?

Did you know that at one time coffee was regarded as the devil’s drink? It was Pope Clement VII himself who it is claimed upon his first sip of the dark brew “”Why this Satan’s drink is so delicious!”

When roasting began in the 15th century, coffee was seen as sinful and as an alternative to beer. By the 17th coffee houses were everywhere and were known as “penny universites” and were popular places for activists planning such minor disruptions as the French Revolution and the Boston Tea Party.

Today coffee is mostly regarded as the godfather of the modern energy drink. But coffee is also good for more than just waking you up – medical studies have shown that coffee works to help prevent Parkinson’s, liver cancer and type 2 diabetes! (I imagine as long as you don’t muck it up with too much flavored creamer and sugar!).

It has also been shown that coffee may be a potential cure for impotence – indeed coffee’s erotogenic properties were being touted in the 17th century, most likely by those same activists – it was said to make erections more vigorous, ejaculation more full, and add more “spiritualescency” to sperm. Which basically means that coffee makes sperm move faster.

Now because nothing goes better than coffee than sex, Great Sex Pills offers two brands of sex cofee – MaxMan IV Sex Coffee and the simply named but no less effective Men’s Sex Coffee!

Both of our Sex Coffees are made from 100% all natural erotogenic aphrodisiac herbs and high-quality instant coffee made from the World’s best coffee beans! Now we’re not saying this stuff is say as good as Starbucks or whatever purvayer of coffee you purchase your morning cuppa from, but they ain’t bad neither!

Both Sex Coffees have been shown to increase sexual desire and drive in both men and women. For the men, a single cup will increase erection size, prevent erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and increase staying power and intensify your orgasm. For the women, more intense orgasms have been reported.

So this weekend when you’re laying in bed with your loved one reading the paper and enjoying a cup of that dark sinful devil’s brew, why not make it a cup of sex coffee and see just how sinful you can be!

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