Casodex Medication To Fight Prostate Cancer

Casodex is more than a medication by itself a therapy. This anti- androgen has been a recommended medication to treat prostate cancer in scores of men. This oral medication works to decline the number of androgens (male hormone) in the body. Prostate cancer has been one of the most prevailing cancers all over the globe. It has been the third most leading cause of death caused due to cancer. Prostate is a significant part of the reproductive system of the body.

General Information

This form of cancer originates in the prostate glands and later may spread to other parts of the body. By lessening the level of hormone in the body, cancer can be cured in this case. The declining level of hormones makes it possible to reduce the number of increasing cells in the body. Casodex can also be consumed in a combination of other medications that work to treat the same purpose. The general dosage pattern is to consume it once daily. It can be consumed with food or without it. Besides, one has to see to it that the medication is consumed at the same time each day. It is necessary for one to pass on the urine before the consumption of this medication.

Know More About Casodex

The dosage pattern varies from person to person. The best part of this medication is that it might be consumed even at the stage when cancer has been proliferating to other organs. The varied adverse effect of this medication includes loss of libido level, swelling of breasts, constipation etc. It is necessary to take the advice of the physician before consuming Casodex. One suffering from Diabetes must check the glucose level. It must not be consumed by any women. It is also necessary to maintain healthy diet and drink loads of water along with this medication.

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