Age and Reducing Mojo

We all have heard those jokes about old men not being able to make it on bed? Is age really a hindrance to sex? Does the libido level in men fall with age? To compromise on virility is something that is acceptable to anyone. Besides we all have a notion that old people don’t have sex. Rather we think it is not necessary for them to have sex. This is however a misconception. The significance of sex does not decrease with increasing age. It is just that certain disorders obstruct their virility and make them unable to have passionate sex. It has been noted that around 40 % of men above the age of 40 experience erectile failures.

Erectile dysfunction is not an old man‘s thing for sure. It can happen to anyone irrespective of age. However one is more prone to erectile failures with increasing age. This doesn’t mean that all old men are dissatisfied with their sex life.

When one grows old, the working of the entire body system seems to go through some changes. When one suffers from other health problems, there is more chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction. Researchers have proved the link between health problems like cardiovascular problems, diabetes etc and sexual complications in one. The elderly population often complains of their erections not being firm like before. Also they need a longer time than necessary for the occurrence of the erection.

Anti-impotence medications like Generic Viagra and others can be consumed to enhance one’s erection. One is able to have to have pleasant erections within 45 minutes of the intake of this oral medication.

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