Actos – Medication To Treat Diabetes Type 2

Generic Actos is a medication that falls in the category of thiazolidenodiones. This medication has been prescribed to treat Diabetes 2. Diabetes 2 has been the most common form of disorder that is prevailing in the society. By influencing the insulin activity, this medication declines the sugar level in the body. When the body does not produce the necessary insulin, one is prone to suffer from Diabetes 2.

General Information

Insulin resistance occurs in one when the body is unable to use the insulin or doesn’t receive it. This has been more widespread as compared to the other type of Diabetes. It has been observed that most of the sufferers of this disorder are above the age of 40. This Generic medication is available in three major strengths that include 15 mg, 30mg and 45 mg. It can be consumed once in a day. It is preferred if it is taken at the same time every day. Intake of food does not affect the same. One must also bear in mind that this medication must not be consumed to treat Diabetes type 1. Generic Actos is also consumed along with other medications as a combination to treat this ailment.

Know More About Actos

This oral medication has been potent in treating diabetes by escalating the level of insulin so that more glucose is absorbed. It is advised that one suffering from Diabetes 2 must also opt for physical exercises and work out. It is also necessary for one to consider one’s health history before the ingestion of this pill. This medication is not recommended for a long term use like for a year. Also store it in places away from direct light and moisture. Diabetes is surely a complicated disorder and deserves an absolute treatment. This disorder in one can make one susceptible to other disorders also at the same time.

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