The Benign Pharmacy with Generic Viagra Medications

What is Generic Viagra?

Generic Viagra is an anti-impotence drug with the chemical Sildenafil Citrate in it as the main chemical. It has been a top selling drug since the time it was introduced. This oral medication can be a treat to the mojo levels of one. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction can consume this drug to have ecstatic erections.

Generic Viagra Medications

Erectile dysfunction has been a troublemaker for millions of men. This disorder has been spreading like an epidemic in USA and other countries. This has made Generic Viagra even more popular. This wonder drug can be the redeemer if you wish to get rid of those collapsing erections.

What is the working mechanism of Generic Viagra?

This anti-impotence drug can escalate the level of nitric oxide in one’s body system. By dilating the arteries, the sexual organ is greeted with the regulated blood flow. However it is necessary to be self-stimulated. Within 30-45 minutes of the intake, this drug begins to function and enables him to have a gratifying time with one’s partner.

Consumption of Generic Viagra can truly influence one’s erection by making it pleasant and a thrilled one. Even men above the age of 60 can have euphoric erections with the intake of this blue pill.

Is Generic Viagra drug safe?

This drug is completely safe to be consumed. It is approved by the health organizations. Infact generic viagra was the first ever pill to be introduced and approved. However children and women must not consume this drug. Also more than one drug must not be consumed in a day. Overdosage is strictly forbidden.

Infact erectile dysfunction is a threatening disorder and has to be rectified and treated as soon as possible. One should see to it that the intensity of the disorder does not increase and the desire does not die. So it is advisable that one consumes these anti-impotence medications to make sex a significant and exciting part of life.

What is the difference between the branded and the generic?

The brand and the generics constitute of the same active chemical. Similarly, their working pattern also remains the same. The difference lies in the name and identification.Like for example; Blackberry is a brand while mobile phone is a generic.

The branded drug has its patent and brand name associated with it. On the other hand, the generic does not own a patent. It is mostly known by its chemical name.

Also the way they market and advertise their product differs. The branded drugs have to market their products in a lavish way. The generics instead sell the medications at prices that are much less than the branded ones. Due to the low prices, there is a huge consumer base and it affects inversely again.